Wednesday, November 28, 2007

the journey to mid valley

It is cloudy morning with new spirit cause' today is the day my friend and I had promised to have a reunion at mid valley. About 9.35 a.m. I went to bus stop we took a bus to KLCC ,there I can see lot of people in the busiest city ,Kuala Lumpur some of them prepare to go to their workplace and some of them go to the shopping centre to buy their stuff and home appliances. But, it is diffrent with us, we went to the city just to have some precious time for play and enjoy.
When I arrived there I met my beloved friends. We played bowling together and we see movies at theatre. And for my readers information, this is the first time in my life I had went to a theatre
to see a blockbuster movies 'The Kingdom'. It was my unexpected plan that I have for the whole day.
About 3.35 p.m. my younger brother suggested to buy a computer games .Unfortunately, what we searched we have not found it so return home with no computer game.
Praise to God almost what we had plan before is already done. That's all for today.
See you next time