Sunday, September 28, 2008


I love raya
I do not know why
maybe because of 'duit raya',cookies,cakes and so on
the truth is
I would love the moment when I return to my hometown
because I can feel the tranquility at the village
the fresh,cool air
I can eat the fresh local fruit(sometimes)
but there are a thing that touch my deep heart feeling is
my great grandmother
if you can see her
definitely you cannot imagine she was 97 years old
actually I was also shocked with the information
but now I realise
If Allah say 'yes' so it will come true
I can see she was an independant person
and not wait for the help from the others
although she was unable to do all the things at house
She stayed at home at my hometown
and live lonely at the house caused his lovely husband already dead
but she was so strong because she going thruough her hard life with a burning spirit
thats why
she stay alive until now
I love you very much my great grandmother
I love you so much......