Tuesday, December 4, 2007

cerita baru............

Semalam saya dan adik saya pergi masjid di taman perumahan saya kebetulan malam tadi ada ceramah al-Quran saya dan adik saya tidak menyangka akan ada kuliah. Alang-alang menyeluk pekasam biarlah ke pangkal lengan. Kami mengambil senaskhah al-quran setiap seorang lalu kami membuka muka surat 114 (tapi saya tak ingat surah apa)

Kami pun bacalah al-Quran dengan mengikuti bacaan ustaz tersebut.Sehinggalah muka surat 115.
Kemudian ustaz tersebut membuat ualsan mengenai hukum tajwid.Beliau menekan hukum tajwid kerana kita mestilah membaca al-Quran dengan tertil.Namun apa yang saya nak ceritakan disini ialah salah satu sirah nabi yang diceritakan beliau berbunyi begini:

Dalam masjid nabawi terdapat dua kelompok sebelah kanan masjid orang sedang baca al-Quran manakala sebelah kiri sedang solat sunat.Maka sahabat Rasulullah pun bertanya kepada Rasulullah
"Ya kekasih ALLAH diantara dua kelompok tersebut kelompok yang manakah lebih hampir dengan ALLAH?". Maka Rasulullah pun menjawab "sesungguhnya orang yang membaca al-Quran itu seperti berdialog dengan ALLAH sedangkan orang yang sedang bersolat itu sebenarnya meminta-minta dengan-NYA.Tentulah orang yang bercakap dengan ALLAH adalah lebih baik"

Kesimpulannya kita mestilah banyakkan membaca al-Quran agar kita akan mendapat keredhaannya

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Price Being Human

If we go to the mart, anything that was sell there has their own value.
Such as a chocolate the price is about RM2.50.
A bottle of milk is RM5.50.
But the price being human is PRICELESS.
The oxygen GOD give us to breath is PRICELESS.
The hands that we use to hold,grab or touch is given by GOD is PRICELESS.
The legs we use to travel around the world is PRICELESS.
The nose for us to smell is PRICELESS.

Anything in our life is PRICELESS if GOD say yes.
But,why we must do what GOD didn't ask us to do?(killing,stealing,cheating,robbery anything else)
Actually we must appreciate what GOD had give to us.
we must obey to HIS order.

There is no compromise to do either good or bad.
Nothing erroneous we get if we do good things to everybody.

Saturday, December 1, 2007


We have our own fate.Sometime we receive the good thing but sometime bad thing.But, we must accept all of this because not all good things is good and not all bad things is bad.I'd read a story from a kak amie's blog the story is:

There is a man which is sultan's Melaka friend named Razak.He always said 'Alhamdulillah' after he done a work or everything happened either good or bad. One day he and the sultan went to the forest to hunt animal. Razak saw a wild fat rabbit and want to shoot it. but accidentally he shot one of the sultan fingers and said 'Alhamdulillah'.Because of that incident, Razak was sent to a dark prison.But, he still said 'Alhamdulillah'.The next day, sultan went to the forest to hunt animal alone. On the hunting, the sultan was caught by a cannibal tribe but, they did not kill him because one of the sultan's fingers was missing and it is the bad luck for them and they let him free.When he back to his palace,he gave an order to release his friend Razak immediately.Sultan told his friend about the incident that he was caught by the cannibal and said 'Alhamdulillah' cause' shot one of his finger.Sultan asked Razak why he said 'Alhamdulillah' when he heard the story. Razak answered "If I did not enter the prison, I will be catch by the cannibal tribe and I will die".

So whatever what we'd done with work hard and good determination we must accept it with open heart.Life is a ferris wheel sometime we up but sometime we down enjoy your life......

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

the journey to mid valley

It is cloudy morning with new spirit cause' today is the day my friend and I had promised to have a reunion at mid valley. About 9.35 a.m. I went to bus stop we took a bus to KLCC ,there I can see lot of people in the busiest city ,Kuala Lumpur some of them prepare to go to their workplace and some of them go to the shopping centre to buy their stuff and home appliances. But, it is diffrent with us, we went to the city just to have some precious time for play and enjoy.
When I arrived there I met my beloved friends. We played bowling together and we see movies at theatre. And for my readers information, this is the first time in my life I had went to a theatre
to see a blockbuster movies 'The Kingdom'. It was my unexpected plan that I have for the whole day.
About 3.35 p.m. my younger brother suggested to buy a computer games .Unfortunately, what we searched we have not found it so return home with no computer game.
Praise to God almost what we had plan before is already done. That's all for today.
See you next time